What plumbing can you DIY in Albany, New York?

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I'm getting into a home in Pine Hills which has outdated galvanized pipes, which are rusting and decreasing home water pressure. In Albany, I believe you need to hire a licensed plumber to do your plumbing.

Is it possible to do some of the work myself - for example laying out a new network of Pex tubing, and then hire a licensed plumber to do the last bit of "clicking it together?" Has anyone done this before?

so yes in Albany you need to hire a licensed plumber

To do your work. And as far as doing most of the work

Yourself  DIY then calling in a licensed plumber to finish up and sign off on the work,

That's not going to happen.

@Don B. I can't comment on the legalities of that, however in the past I have done this with electrical. I have done all of the boxes which helped save the electrician time and save me some money. The thing was, I had a relationship with the electrician and really I took on very basic work. You can run it by a local plumber, but unless they know you they may not be interested in coming in and touching work you started.

@Fred Weinkauff  Are there any real estate investor meet ups in Albany?  My parter and I will be there around Thanksgiving!

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