What plumbing can you DIY in Albany, New York?

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I'm getting into a home in Pine Hills which has outdated galvanized pipes, which are rusting and decreasing home water pressure. In Albany, I believe you need to hire a licensed plumber to do your plumbing.

Is it possible to do some of the work myself - for example laying out a new network of Pex tubing, and then hire a licensed plumber to do the last bit of "clicking it together?" Has anyone done this before?

so yes in Albany you need to hire a licensed plumber

To do your work. And as far as doing most of the work

Yourself  DIY then calling in a licensed plumber to finish up and sign off on the work,

That's not going to happen.

@Don B. I can't comment on the legalities of that, however in the past I have done this with electrical. I have done all of the boxes which helped save the electrician time and save me some money. The thing was, I had a relationship with the electrician and really I took on very basic work. You can run it by a local plumber, but unless they know you they may not be interested in coming in and touching work you started.

@Fred Weinkauff  Are there any real estate investor meet ups in Albany?  My parter and I will be there around Thanksgiving!

You can DIY all of the work yourself. No one can force you to hire a licensed contractor to work on your home. You may need a permit however. If you do get a permit, your code officer will guide you in the right direction and inspect your work. 

Don B.

I'm curious how this went for you.  My thought on this is "don't ask, don't tell".  Albany sure likes to have their hands in everything.  No wonder half the buildings are vacant here.

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