Looking for a Plumber and Flooring Guy in Rochester NY

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Hey all! I am working on rehabbing my first property and I have found I need a plumber. The SFH is in Irondequoit NY and it seems that the Sewer line is partially blocked. I need to find a plumber I can trust to send one of those power snakes through to the town sewer connection and clear the pipe. All of the house drains are quite slow. I do most of my own plumbing, fixtures and valves and the such, but a power snake and video inspection tool are required for this and I just don't have them. Does anyone have suggestions of who to use in the Rochester NY area? I work 9-5 so if they can do a weekend or evening that would be even better.

Also, I will be eventually looking for a guy to lay some Luxury Vinyl plank flooring in the house. Any suggestions for that as well?



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