Most Lenient CNY Local Banks for 2-4 Multi Res Loans?

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Hey CNY Investors! I'm a retired Navy Officer and Iraq Vet looking for advice on which local CNY banks are the most motivated to work with somewhat blemished financial backgrounds.  As we all know, there are some who are easier to work with than others and I'm looking to secure financing for my first house-hack property. 

Any advice you may have is greatly appreciated!

Rob, sorry you haven't received a response from anyone here. Try reaching out to Donovan Pieterse of Easy 2 Own Homes. He is one of the most knowledgeable investors in our area and he owns half of North Syracuse. He is also a vet and he likes helping people. He has a bunch of private investors and might be interested in a partnership. He does 90% buy and hold. 

@Ronald Starusnak - Thanks very much for your response, I appreciate your interest!  I know Donovan as he helped me sell a house a few years back and hadn't thought of contacting him so I'll do that.

Thanks again!

@Rob Sawyer Credit Unions would be a good place to try, they have more flexibility than National Banks.  Try a Mortgage broker, they could find you a lender as well. 

@Nick Rutkowski - Thanks Nick.  I appreciate your advice. I'm still blackballed for another year or so due to a divorce-required short sale so need a lender to look past that and still want to lend.  Any recommendations of investor-friendly lenders based on your experience ?

Rob, try emailing Jay Gelb, he is thhe CEO of a few banks. He is an investor himself, owns a few trailer parks.  I am sure he can help you out. I'll send you a message with his email.