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Hello BPers,

I’m looking for a GC in Albany NY to remodel an investment property.  The project will require pulling permits and the GC will have to navigate the process as we’ll be managing the project remotely.  

Thanks in advance for any recommendations you may have!

Good luck! 

Contractors in Albany for a rental can be hard to find as most respectable one focus on high end single family homes.

In Albany I believe contractors have to be licensed and last time I checked most aren’t... same goes for plumbers and electricans. One of the main reasons I focused in Troy instead. 

So no one knows any contractors in Albany? I am interested too.

Depending on job size we may be able to mobilize a crew or two. We aren't licensed in Albany county but unless they require us to get the GC licensing out there as well, it shouldn't be an issue. Business licensing per county only takes a few minutes. 

@Kadeem Howell , @Steve Thorne - belated thanks for responding to my question.

@Justin Roland - I'll PM you offline.

@Ronald Starusnak - Syracuse is pretty far from Albany!  I don't know what the demand is like in Syracuse but if you're willing to travel to the Capital District there is a lot of demand.  I interviewed a bunch of contractors and most of them are busy until at least the winter, some are booked out until next summer.  We finally found someone for our property but I'll connect with you and reach out if we need help for another project.

I'd be curious as to your experience with this contractor once the project is done.  Please share!

I am looking at doing an owner occupied duplex rehab. I am worried I won't be able to find a contractor who'd work with the SONYMA program. Does anyone have any leads on that? 

@William Ernest Woods @Nicholas Mann   We ended up doing a few rehabs in the Albany area but have decided to put a moratorium on further rehabs because cannot find an affordable, decent quality contractor who can turn around a property in an acceptable time frame.  As a result we've had delays and cost overruns on all of our projects.  Sorry I can't be of more help.

Hey guys, 

I've been on and off of here for the past year. I was able to finish up a 2 family rental unit 4th quarter 2019. Took about 10 weeks for a full gut job. I do have 2 GREAT reputable licensed contractors in the Capital Region area. Im from the Albany area I know very well about the difficulties of finding a good contractor. Shoot me a message I will gladly give you his contact I have two. Good luck out there!