Mortgages under 75k$ in Rochester for a Canadian

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Hi everybody!

The tittle pretty much says it all:

I'm Canadian and I live in Canada. I'm looking for properties in the city of Rochester to do the BRRR method at the moment. The properties I'm looking for would have an ARV between 70 and 100k$. I find it difficult to find a lender that would do mortgages in these ranges for a Canadian citizen/resident.

I don't want to create an LLC at the moment, since this creates double taxes issues for us.

Anybody to recommend?


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@Simon Savard perhaps a local hard money lender would be an option.  Not sure what your timeline is, just an option to consider.  Good luck!

@Russell S. Thanks for the advice. I've already got one partner for the buy/rehab money, what I have issues with is really the refinancing part at the end of the strategy. I've tried a couple of private lenders for a long term loan but without results for now.

@Simon Savard thanks for the clarification.  Are you partners local to Rochester?  If you have a partner who is a US resident would you then be eligible for a bank loan?  

@Russell S. Nop. No US partner either.

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