Implementation of new statewide laws

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Has anyone received guidance from their attorney (or REIA) on the new laws that were enacted this spring, specifically the "just cause eviction" law?

It seems that all my MTM leases just became de facto permanent term leases.  Or did that part not pass?

Hi @Wesley W., I am not an attorney, but I'm always sad to see an un-responded-to post!  I believe the just cause eviction portion was left out of the bill that passed.  However, if I understand correctly, you will need to provided longer notice for tenants to vacate (or if you are raising rents 5% or more) depending on how long they've lived in the property.  

30 days for residence under 1 year

60 days for 1-2 years

90 days (ugh) for 2+ years

Here is a helpful article.

Again, you'd want to confirm this with your attorney.  I <3 NY...