City of Syracuse Roofing Question

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Recently acquired a property in the City of Syracuse that needs a new roof, but I'm getting mixed responses from roofing companies about operating in the city and the steepness of the roof.

Anyone have a recent roof done in city limits? Who are your go-to roofers for rental properties inside city limits?

I see Van Derhoof Roofing and The Roofing Guys all the time during the summer. Both attack jobs pretty aggressively. Not uncommon to see them complete a job in a day or two, literally. We had an early start to winter this year. So that may affect you a bit right now.

Mike, obviously I am a contractor and do roofs in Syracuse. Not trying to solicit myself here as we're too busy but just want to give credence to my response. Most roofs in Syracuse were built using what's called skip sheathing. It's essentially barn board that is gapped a few inches and over this typically cedar shingles were installed. 

Over the last 100+ years of these properties being in Syracuse no one wanted to strip the roofs because they ALL need new plywood so what you end up seeing is $20-$40k roofs. The excessive layers of roofing take DAYS to strip. There are hundreds of nails per sq/ft because of all of the layers of roofing and your shovel can barely move when stripping. On top of that the houses are close and you can't get dump trailers or dumpsters on all sides of the houses so there is a ton of clean up on the ground.

The cedar shingles tend to explode since they're 100+ year old wood and it is very messy. To meet OSHA safety standards you have to have roof jacks and harnesses. It's very difficult to move around on these roofs. After the roof is finally stripped you have to re-deck the entire thing so you're carrying heavy OSB or zip sheathing on an unwalkable roof. It's so slow and labor intensive. Syracuse code requires the roofers go above and beyond, copper flashing everywhere there is masonry, chimneys must be repaired when the roof is done, etc. 

With all of that being said, I think we're at the low end of what we charge at $800-$1000 a square for roofing. Vanderhoof is a good company but they're probably double, The Roofing Guys are not a good company. They hire anyone, drug addicts, they run tons of ads and tons of crews, their crew leads are inexperienced. Their reviews are terrible and they have tons of OSHA violations. 

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