3rd Floor Unit in 2F Zoning in Albany

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I am looking to purchase a property that has a 3rd unit that doesn't appear to have been used in several years, but everything is there to make it legal (from what I can see). It is zoned as a 2 family (along with the rest of the neighborhood). From what I understand, its almost impossible to get a 3rd unit legalized in 2F zoning areas, but considering this has had the 3rd unit there for many years (appliances look 30+ years old), is there any chance it would be allowed?

If not, what are the thoughts on using it as a 3rd unit, but only renting to family and friends? 

They may throw in the need for a sprinkler system complete with permits & lic installation. Then the proverbial 2 points of egress aka fire escape stairs. 

I appreciate everyone's input. I was hoping maybe someone had experience with the city of Albany with regard to this. After researching it more, my understanding is that if I can't get it grandfathered in, I wouldn't be able to get a ROP which means if I did rent it out, I wouldn't be able to evict someone. I would then only rent it to family/friends that I could trust, but it has everything up to code already, including egress.

I would still need an ROP for AirBNB per Albany regulations.