Finding Absentee owners in Suffolk

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I am trying to find absetee owners in Brookhaven through the county website. I have read that you should check the county website to see if the address of the owner differes from the address of the property. So far I have found two databases on Brookhaven's website but they do not give the owner's address. One is the Tax Assessor's Tax Portal which shows you the detailed tax bill. It shows the owner of the property but does not show the address of the owner. The other is also the Brookhaven Tax Assessor and it is the Assessment Roll Look Up. This give you some details about the property but not the owner or owner address. Does anyone know of any goverment websites in Suffolk that would have the property owner's address?

@Kenneth Lowry how much marketing do you plan on doing? Are you mailing or door knocking? If mailing I would recommend getting at least 500 addresses and that will be extremely tedious on a county website. If you are outsourcing mailing many companies can buy your list from listsource for $0.15 or less per address and you can also filter by equity, years owned number of bedrooms estimated value.

If you don’t want to filter by equity or value many title insurance companies will either give you lists if you plan to use their insurance or have software that lets you make your own list

@Ryan S. That is true, but these are properties I am driving by and most of them are obviously vacant and if they are rentals and in shoddy condition, it may be a rental that someone would be happy to get rid of if approached but aren't going to pursue getting rid of the house on their own.

@Kenneth Lowry

Not to discourage you but this process is a very tedious one and the results can go either way.  Unfortunately a lot of people here in New York want ridiculous money for their properties to the point that they would rather lose money every month then just sell it to you.

I like Realtytrac because it gives me a list of owners who are behind on payments.  It's not free but I think well worth the money if your definitely going to do this type of investing.

Best of luck and sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.

@Steve Kontos You were of great assistance and I appreciate your advice.  I am not adverse to spending any money I am just being cautious in how I do it.  I will check out Realtytrac.  Can you tell me if you successfully used it specifically to find houses to flip?

@Kenneth Lowry

I used it because when I was starting out 10 years ago, I was into short sales.  I did not use it for several flips I did because I was flipping out of state with a business partner that had connections to deals already.