NYC & LI people investing in Upstate NY

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Hi fellow investors in the NYC metro area.

So I know there are investors that have meetups for people that invest in NYC metro area, however, I know there are a lot of investors that also invest in upstate NY.  In cities such as Syracuse, Albany, Troy or Buffalo.

Are there enough of us here in the downstate area to start an investor get together specifically to talk about their trials and tribulations for their upstate properties?

Let me know what you all think.

Great idea! I currently invest in Troy, NY and would love to get together. 

I am a Long Island native living right outside Binghamton NY. I'd love to see how this goes. I'm an active investor doing buy & holds, flips, student rentals and wholesales...the biggest issue I see remote owners facing here is property management ...crappy contractors as a close second. Best bet is to have some local boots on the ground for guidance. Happy to contribute.

Hey guys,

I am local to the Capital Region, NY.  I am an active investor, practicing attorney, and a licensed real estate broker.  My business partner and I invest in our own small multi-family properties and also buy and sell properties for clients in Troy, Rensselaer, Watervliet, Cohoes, Geen Island, Albany, and the surrounding areas.  We are about to list several 4-unit buildings in Watervliet and Troy for a client who is looking for cash buyers.  If you have any interest or know others who might, please let me know and I will forward you the information on the buildings.  Thanks!


Also, if you have any questions about investing in the Capital Region, please don't hesitate to reach out.  I would be happy to help or, if I cannot answer your questions, refer you to someone who can.  

@Vitaliy Volpov , I am an investor in Troy and also have many friends who are. I'd be interested in seeing the details for the buildings you will be listing in Troy. 

@Tom Chen great idea! 

I live in Astoria and am starting to invest in Albany and thinking of investing in Newburgh as well. I would love to get a meetup together!

@Vitaliy Volpov I'm an investor in Troy as well and would love to see info about the properties you mentioned

Thanks, @John Hickey for the thread!

I love the idea of doing an early morning meetup before work instead of after. I wish I was closer to make it and talk to some local investors, but I'll keep an eye out for the weekend version for now.

@Ben Lockspeiser sounds good. @Sarah Hooff is a local agent. Sarah has a weekend & a Brooklyn meetup that is Newburgh Centric. Sarah is very knowledgeable on the market.

Thanks for the shout out @John Hickey to @Ben Lockspeiser . It's true that I spend my time living and working in the Newburgh market specifically. I find that keeping my focus deep and narrow makes my lifestyle more enjoyable and my client experience better! 
I have a weekend meeting on the 27th in Newburgh at a delicious hole in the wall Guatemalan joint. Stop by if you can! LINK HERE

That being said, I do venture down to NYC and Brooklyn from time to time. I'll be in DUMBO on the 28th for a Newburgh, NY meetup. Here is the link to that meet-up. See you there and let me know if you have any questions in the meantime! 


Tom Chen. I have all buy and holds in the Rochester, NY market. Basically, ROC, SYR, BUF are all relatively similar, the "sister" cities in some form of Post-Industrial decline (although seeming to be rebounding).

Although my investments are there, I live in NYC and am looking for markets closer to home for obvious logistic reasons.

PM me with any question.

 John Hickey and Sarah Hooff have been invaluable resources regarding Newburgh

Hi Everyone, 

Sorry for dropping off the face of the BP earth after I started this thread.  I got inundated at work and am actually up for a promotion so I had to prepare for all that.  

I'll try and find a venue and start up a meetup. 

Thanks for all the feedback!

I have a list of bank properties located in upstate NY.  Any interest?

Hi @Eva Chen

I'm very new here and would be interested in the list!  I'm in Greene county.

Thank you!

Let's go over which areas interest you most.

Absolutely!  Ulster, Greene, Albany, Saratoga, Schoharie & Rensselaer are all my surrounding counties.  I haven't done anything since 2007 so to get back into it I'd like to be closer to home.  

@Brianne Lee and @Eva Chen probably best to continue your 1 on 1 conversation through personal messages. Those of us following this thread are getting alerts every time you post. 

Also @Eva Chen message me if you have any properties in Troy. Thanks!

Hi Tom:

Sounds like a good idea... I and my partner have 98 Acres of Land near Ogdensburg/Oswegatchie.  (St.Lawrence County) Property consists or Commercial,Residential & Riverfront. (Oswegatchie River) Always lookong for opportunities,  Best Noel

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