Meetups for Individual seeking to learn

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Hello Everyone!

I am individual who is seeking for help on where I can go to meet professionals from all areas of Real Estate in Long Island. 

My goal is to one day go into Rehab and Resell properties, and I wish to see what and how I can start. I know it will be a challenge, but I am eager to make a change in my life and can't wait to get any advice.

Thank you for any help that everyone in this community can give. Hopefully, one day I can help someone in the future that will be in my position.

Thanks so much! I will follow meetups.

Ricardo check out meet ups in the city.  I been attending 3 so far... very effective I must say.

Also it’s great that you are beginning to learn.  

I am actually documenting my past 3 months journey in the world of real estate including all sorts of tips an tricks. 

If interested in seeing what issues I ran into in the process of my journey feel free to message me and I will share you the link to my journey. 

Note Long Island area has very low cap rates but I did see some meet ups being advertised in Nassau area for sure as @Joseph Suarez pointed out.

However in the city there is just more folks a lot more...  

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