Investor Minded Real Estate Agent Nassau/Suffolk Counties

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Hey Adam, 

I am a local real estate agent who works with investors and REOs! Reach out via private message if you would like to talk more about what exactly your looking for in a property!

Hi Adam

I don't know if you are still looking for investor minded agents, but I can recommend an agent that knows NYC, Westchester & Long Island and has an MBA & many years of experience, & has long standing investor client relationships (as well as investing in rentals herself).  
I also can recommend a great agent that is licensed in Connecticut (located in the southwest part of the state) & New York (but only covers the Westchester area in New York).  

(Although you will see I am licensed, I am not talking about myself here.)

You can message me if you'd like a referral, I don't think the forums allow us to just post names (or they'd just be a place for spam).

@James Ahern Hi James - we are in search of a new realtor in certain areas. Let’s briefly connect and you can learn about what we do. We are an interior design firm - where we are different is that half of our business are in construction new build and we home rehab our own properties we purchase for all cash. Would love to work with a realtor who wants to expand their network.