Need Insurance Company that Specializes in Investment Property

8 Replies | Westchester County, New York

My business partner and I own a number of properties throughout the Hudson Valley, some of which we renovate and flip, some of which we're holding long term as rentals.

I am looking to develop a relationship with a professional insurance agent that has access and familiarity with a number of surplus lines policies that can cover rental properties, as well as vacant properties and some occasional builder's risk.

If you have interest and experience with this, and can handle 20-40 different new purchases a year, please reach out to me.


@Robery Grunnah.Did you connect with Anthony Lee? If so, how is the relationship working out? Would you reccomend his services? I am a newbie and I am tring to have people in play for when I have my first property. Thank you for your advice.
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I literally just went through this process last week trying to secure a builder's risk policy for a deal I'm working on. I have some names/numbers to share if you're interested. PM me if you're still interested.

REIGuard is who I use for all my investment properties.  They're great to work with, operate nationwide, cover vacant and occupied properties, charge you month-to-month so you can cancel if you sell the property, also can cover ACV instead of rebuild value, which saves you a lot of money.  They also put all of your properties on one invoice for tracking, even if you own them under different entities.  They send you a monthly update prior to billing to remind you to make any changes.  They've been outstanding to work with.