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Hello, I am an architect in NY and I am taking a leap into developing my first project which ideally is a distressed single family house in Westchester County, NY. A few prospects are on the horizon and I am looking to network with professionals with experience in financing and construction in the area. In particular, I am looking for recommendations for local banks that provide construction loans and references for GC's.

Any other reference or leads are appreciated!  

Hi Steffen, I am pretty open as far as area as long as the numbers pan out and the project is interesting from architectural standpoint since I am an architect. 

My broker has been patient and shown me around different neighborhoods. Would love to hear your thoughts on which area you think has potential. Also, curious to learn about your projects / investments.

Hi @Valentin L. I'm not sure about construction loans, but the local banks will be your best bet. PCSB, Westchester, even Webster.

I'd also love to give you a quote on title insurance and save you 10-25% on premium.  Our firm is disrupting the industry in New York, and soon New Jersey.


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