Short Sale Professional in Westchester County

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Hello all!

I am looking at a potential investment that is for sale as a short-sale. I don't have any prior experience on this topic and am looking for an agent in Westchester County for some advice.

Apreicate you guys!



Hi Christian, welcome to BP! I'll shoot you a dm

@Christian Mano

Hi Christian,

What are your goals with this property? Investment, live-in, flip? A shortsale is when a seller is in distress and they owe more on the property they are selling than what it is worth. If this is a listed property definitely find out if the agent's experienced doing shortsales and whether or not they have an approved price from the bank. I look forward to seeing updates on this. Good luck!

@Ceasar Rosas do you still run your RE meetup group in the Bronx? I am interested in joining. Thanks


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