Looking for an amazing GC in Westchester County NY

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Good evening friends, anyone knows of a great GC in the Westchester County NY area? the project would be in let me know, thanks in advance for your recommendations.



Hello and welcome @Jacques Simon . Please elaborate on the type of work you are looking to be done. I have several connections for contractors but would like to hone in on the scope of work to give you someone qualified for it.

Hi, @Jared W Smith great to hear from you. I'd like to link up and exchange emails, do you have an office in Westchester County, my wife and I are looking for a great architect as well for our future residential projects. Please let me know.


Jacques S. 

Also, to answer your question @Jared W Smith the remodel would be for a 2500 sq ft colonial, interior remodeling only. Full kitchen, and entertainment space layout reconfiguration, all 2 and 1.5 bathrooms including a master bath, and some other projects such as new windows, flooring, tiling, and some other finishes. 


Jacques S. 

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