RVA Meets & Mentoring

3 Replies | Richmond, Virginia

All--Does anyone know of any active real estate meets or investors open to questions/assistance/mentorship in the RVA area? I would love to start meeting active local real-estate investors and build out the beginnings of my network.

Thank you all!

Hi William -- Yes, there are several active groups in the area. Most are listed on meetup.com. If you look for real estate related groups you should find the Richmond REIA and the RING group. Both allow you to come one time as a guest for a small fee. The annual costs to join are fairly low so you may want to just go ahead and pay the fee for REIA. The RING group has a membership process to join. If you are just starting out then the REIA group is a very good one to join. There are others as well, those are just the two that I am most familiar with.

If you're interested in Multifamily, check out the Richmond Multifamily Meetup on meetup.com. It's also posted here on BP. 

I'm the host, you can contact me for more details.