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Hi Everyone - Never asked this question here before, but here it goes! I have just moved back to the RVA area after over a decade in NYC. In short, I'd be grateful if someone who's been interested in buy-and-hold properties around the Richmond area would be willing to let me buy them lunch and chat about their experiences with real estate investing. This is a serious inquiry, as I'm acting on my 2019 resolution to engage with a mentor. Anyone interested? I'm buying! 

A bit about me: I am a registered commercial architect licensed in NY and VA, as is my wife. I am married with a 2-year-old son who means the world to me. My wife and I work full time, and have often discussed how to best leverage our skill sets and love of buildings into an investment vehicle. We bought property in NYC and sold it for a small profit just before moving down here. I succumb to analysis paralysis when I start thinking about the topic of investing here, as I'm just so unfamiliar with where the market has gone and what the current risks are.

Anyway, I hope this finds all of you here in RVA well. Good luck with all of your endeavors! 

Michael A.

Hey I’m no mentor but... if you can analyze a property, which I’m sure you can, and it’s cash flow positive and you like the long term outlook, what’s holding you up?

A team of property managers, agents, lenders, and a home inspector can be all the mentors you need sometimes.


I am not a mentor for investors, I mentor realtors.  However, I know some great people in the area that would be great for you to connect with if you are interested.  Let me know if connections like this would be helpful to you.  Dawn

I'd highly recommend you get out to local networking events as much as you can. Great place to meet people. Far more investors in Richmond go to events than get on Bigger Pockets! Feel free to shoot me a connect

Really appreciate the feedback so far - I will certainly keep everyone posted as things unfold for me. Feel free to get int ouch if you're willing to chat!

Hi Michael, I'm an architect as well in RVA probably around your age and my wife and I are also interested in buy and hold, although we only have a couple properties at the moment.  Like you, I'm in the process of figuring how to leverage my talents in this arena and would love to bounce around some thoughts and ideas.

@Michael A. Welcome back to RVA! I can’t be a mentor as I’m rather new myself (My husband and I have two rentals and our primary) but I’m always down to meet people interested in RE and bounce ideas off each other.

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