Podio for CRM?

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Has anybody used Podio for their CRM?

I'm trying to find a way to efficiently manage my leads and came across Podio. It's free, which is great, but you need to completely customize it from scratch and before I spend time doing that, I just wanted to get some insight from investors that have used it.

If you have used it, what do you like/dislike about it? And did you find it to be comparable to other CRMs, once customized?

@Michael Lohin

I have not used Podio, but I can recommend Zoho. You have to create some of the headings, but it is not from scratch. I utilize the free version to keep all of my business contacts. I did use it for wholesaling and follow ups with property owners.

For about $300 you can buy ACT,,,I love it just because I've used it for years, so I know the program well....it is a purchase, not a lease, so you only pay once (and I currently am using a version from 2004 with no problems)

Thanks @Tyrus S.

and @Andy Collins

I'll look into those options as well and compare them to Podio

@Michael Lohin Great question. I have done many CRM implementation on many industries and different sizes of companies. Here is the best advice I can give to anyone trying to adopt a CRM.

"Technology does not matter, process does." So at the end of the day, it will be extremely easy for you to pick the right CRM once you know your process. Don't go into any of them until you can put your process in logical steps.

Now to your question.

Podio is a great software because it gives you flexibility at a small investment entry point. What is better than free?

Also, my colleagues here recommended ACT and ZOHO, both good choices.


I am curious to hear what did you end up adopting?

@Michael Lohin

We use podio to track our offers but have not used for CRM. They do have an app store though where you can download and try apps that have been already created. You may want to try that first. Creating the apps though is pretty simple. It is great for team collaboration.

I recently setup podio and I'm in love. We will be trying to tweak it for tracking leads, screening callers, taking steps in closing and wholesaling, to project management for flipping and expenses.

Takes a minute to understand but once you do then it's a wonderful tool.

The toughest part is creating the workflow. It's a work in progress for us but I will likely make our template available on BP once I'm done.

@Taylor Jennings your strengths are my weaknesses. I would love to see the Podio template you've created. I'm still using a spreadsheet. Can you make that template available? If not, would you be willing to show me what you've done?

@Ben G. I'd be happy to do either.

I'll take a look into how I can publish my apps on there and send them over. If I can't figure it out then we can get together sometime and I'll help u duplicate them.

@Taylor Jennings I would love to take a look at the apps you've created as well. I want to use Podio as a team collaboration and project management tool. We are creating processes to better scale the business and (from what I hear) Podio is a great tool to achieve that. Unfortunately I haven't really gotten the hang of creating apps or leveraging the ones already available.

Is anyone else using Podio for more than just CRM?

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I use Infusionsoft's Real Estate CRM myself but it's $700 per month so probably out of the price range you are referring to.

I used Base CRM in the past and that would be my primary recommendation as it's $15 per month and has everything any of the other ones have that you will need at the starter level. Zoho is another popular one but base is way better from a UI perspective IMO.

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Thanks @Taylor Jennings !

I just downloaded the app - I'll let you know how it works for us.

@Taylor Jennings do you use or do you know if you can use Podio for email marketing, ie email blasts/newsletters? I am looking for an all in one program/app for online marketing, marketing tracking and crm. Thanks in advance for any information and feedback.

@Andrew Hofing  You can upload spreadsheets into Podio to track marketing efforts, but I don't believe the program has auto-responders or timed mailings.

I would recommend checking out MailChimp.com for that. It's free/inexpensive and is easily to learn.

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@Taylor Jennings  

 Hi Taylor I have put my wholesaling business on Podio
also. I looked at your app and think it is cool. I love how
you can change deal status to drive a property to the top
or bottom of your list. I added an importance field also so
no matter the status I can control when I give it attention.

 Let's talk some shop soon.

@Andy Rumple  Podio is a pretty powerful tool, no doubt. Glad you like the App! An importance tab makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.

@Taylor Jennings  Thanks for the app! I tried my hand at creating a few real estate apps but I think this was just what I was looking for. Everything in one spot. I hear you're working on some other app builds for rehab costs and such. I'd love to see how those turn out. 

One question though, what are the rent rate formulas used for calculating? 

I've been toying with alot of project management applications to find one that I feel can be integrated well with the processes I will be creating, what I found with Podio, that I haven't with others I have tried, it that there are already a few real estate "apps" (templates basically) that other users have created and uploaded for free use.  This has given a good starting point for structuring the program to my needs/desires without having to do everything from scratch.  I also like how it can integrate with Zapier to capture leads from social media, web forms, email, etc.  

So Far, so good..... We'll see how long it takes before this application gets "Hired or Fired" by me.  

Good Luck in your pursuits!!

@Taylor Jennings  Thank you so much for this!  I did modify quite a few things for my own personal use (only after cloning it of course). I added a field where I could put down last contacted date and then I used some sort of script to add 30 days to that and put it into another field for next contact date so that I could sort the contacts that were not hot by next contact date for my followups.

@Michael Lohin I have looked into Podio a while back and it was too much hassle to set it up for us. 

I don't like some of the services offered out there as they charge by the user and when you have 10+ users it starts to add up monthly.

After evaluating MANY option I decided to go with an open source one call vTiger. 

I found it to be a good, stable and provides most of what we needed. (No CRM would be perfect if you ask me). 

It's a webbased and many Hosting Co. (HoastGator for vTiger is my favorite if your needs are basic) offer you a service to install it. 

We recently moved from Hostgator to CloudYogi as the optimize their services to vTiger and one other Open Source SW. So it functions much better, and yet we pay $20/month for upgraded hosting. 

Vtiger may have a Hosting version too for a monthly fee but I'm not sure as it has been awhile since I looked into it. 

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