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So I have a Google Voice number set up with a voicemail message something like "You have reached Kuhl Properties. If you are calling about renting one of our properties....."

However, when I had my brother test the voicemail, I had him call my Google voice # and I got that voicemail message (that's what I wanted). Then I had him call my regular cell phone #, but he got the same message (not what I wanted, in case my boss were to call me or something like that).

How do I set up my Google Voice number to have one voicemail and my cell phone to have a different one?

This is probably very simple but I haven't been able to figure it out. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Anybody using Google voice that can help me figure this out?

On your google voice number, did you set up your google voice number's voicemail through the app, or is that the one you did on your cell phone?

You should record your google voice number through the app's website itself by going to settings-->voicemail&text . The record your voicemail.

If you want that number to only go to that voicemail and not roll over to your cell phone voicemail the only way I know of doing that is to have your google number go straight to voicemail. To do that you go to settings-->calls and choose do not disturb. That way it never rings your cell phone and goes straight to voicemail.

There may be other ways, but thats what I do.

@Shawn I set up a Google voicemail on my computer that links to the Google voice number, which was done thru Voicemail & Text like you say the app is set up.

As of now, if someone calls my Google Voice # (set up for real estate investing), they get a voicemail message for renting out a property. But if I miss a call on my regular cell phone #, they still get the real estate voicemail, but I just want them to get a simple message that says "Hi this is Rodney..." instead.

Can't figure out how to keep them separate.

Do Google voice still say state you name and we will try and locate Joe in never-land?

Joe Gore

do you have sprint? I know some carriers allow you to merge your accounts some how. That might be what happened.

@Joe Gore I'm not sure what you mean...

@Shawn Thom No, I have verizon.

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