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Hello fellow wholesalers... I'm currently using Mailchimp to manage my mailing lists. What do you use? And have you tired other services? Pros, cons?

I don't like the double opt-in requirement at Mailchimp, seems like my "confirmation" e-mail often goes into the subscribers spam and I never capture them. I want something a bit simpler.

I have no idea how old this post is but I'm going to reply anyway because I know the answer! So I've heard of and They are CRMs aka Customer Relations Management software. I haven't used them but I am for sure going to in the near future.

I've never thought to use Aweber for my Seller & Buyer Leads actually. It may work, but I don't think that is what it's meant for.

Mailchimp and Aweber are great for collecting lists of people through opt-in forms that you can then contact for.  There are some federal guidelines that say in order to solicit over email you must have a double opt-in and also give them an easy way to unsubscribe from your list.

I use Aweber for managing optins from my blog.  However, like @Viktor R.   mentioned you want a CRM like zoho or other similar products (there are a few good ones but they are very expensive) for managing your Real Estate Leads.  

Podio is great. I use it to customize my own apps and mailing lists. Another great feature is the ability to upload Excel files straight in to an app that you customized it saves a lot of time when inputting your data. 

One negative is that you have a limit on the number of leads you can input then you have to invite someone to the work space to enter more. I found that just keeping unimportant leads on an Excel file then entering important leads into Podio helps. Other than that its a great CRM. 

On a side note a really awesome app I have been using for many different things is called if this then that. You should check that app out, you can do some crazy stuff to help with your investments.

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