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I am using mysmartmove for the first time. I have already had issues with the login process not recognizing the password, customer service couldn't figure out why either. Finally in this morning, and I see that my tenant's application was "accepted" and that recommends are "pending". Anyone else experienced this? I know that this is supposed to me a streamlined and almost instant process yet my tenant's check is just "pending". Are there reasons a credit check wouldn't come back immediately?

@Erin L. Are there 2 applicants? Usually the recommendation does not come back until both complete the verification. But in the meantime you can still view the credit / details of the applicant by clicking on the report icons

@Brianna Schmidt thanks for replying! I have one applicant, I see an income verification but no report icons. Exact wording under column heading reads "smartmoves recommends pending". Hmmm… maybe I will give it a few more hours?

@Erin L. That is weird. Usually the recommendation is instant - The little paper icons are where you can see the detailed credit / criminal reports

is instant

@Brianna Schmidt I just checked back and it is blank under the reports - I see where they "accepted" the link, I'm thinking they went in there and created their account and didn't enter payment info in or bailed for some reason before completion. I am going to email the tenant to see if they "have any questions" and were able to complete it. I will check back in and let you know what the issue is/was! Thanks

@Erin L. - I just processed an application today. Yes, the recoommendation says pending until they pay and release their information to you.

Thanks, @Brianna Schmidt , hopefully my email "reminder" will have an effect.

I USED to recommend MySmartMove to anyone who would listen. Last two times have me reconsidering it. Password issues are a nightmare (don't try 3x -- it will lock you out). Evening? too bad. No customer support. Weekend? Ditto. Oh, you want to screen that renter on a holiday? So Sad.

 Try to e-mail Customer support. Doesn't like (correct) e-mail address...or alternate address......or something. Won't tell you what's wrong with form, just rejects it. Price has gone up 25% in last year for things most of us won't use (are you going to let a website that can't read your address tell you whether to accept a tenant? Oh, BTW, the search missed a criminal record too.....). Site resists letting you use the $5 BP discount.


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