iPad App for Rehab Estimates

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Can anyone recommend an app or software you use to jot your rehab estimates on initial walk through. I need something that has a database of current material cost (i.e. Faucet Item #324354 Cost - $54.99). Also would like to use this to build the SOW for the GC down the road. Fortune builders had their own software but they wanted $15K for the Bronze package (way too much). I found an app on iTunes called "Construction Cost Estimator". It seems like a $60 to $110 investment depending on the add-ons you chose. Your thoughts and recommendations please?

I'm doing a walk through tomorrow and want to go in prepared. I do like the excel spreadsheet in the Files section but would like something that can do the next couple of steps automatically.


The data is only good for a short period of time. Contractors used a product called National construction estimator but by the time they were printed they were out of date. Make sure whatever you purchase you have the ability to get the database updates much as gps systems which need constant updating. I have written estimating applications for my own use but they were for desk tops. I would be interested in what you find.

Keep in mind that material costs change constantly and vary by location so there really is not a one size fits all solution.

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