Real Estate Video Software - Newbie Help Required!

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Hi guys, greetings from New Zealand. Been following your amazing site and pod-casts (big fan!) to begin my own residential investing journey and had a newbie question for you guys.

What video software do you use/recommend to display property information in order to provide a virtual walk-through of (residential) properties for listings? I'm trying to find software to help document properties using audio and video, and of course looking for software that is intuitive and useful because of its feature set. Taking into account that you get what you pay for, would you have some starter,mid-range, and bellsandwhistles recommendations that you'd like to share? Looking for something to polish up the media onace I have fininshed the walk-though with my camcorder.

Thaanks in advance :-)

If you're a mac user the built-in iMovie program is probably adequate.  If not, Apple's Final Cut Pro is now only $300.   For $300 (free trial, too) you'll have one of the most powerful video editors available.

Hi @navneelprasad

When I did the training for the CIV (certified Internet videographer through we were trained for both doing the editing ourselves and also outsourcing it.

To do it yourself the best way we were taught was to use the YouTube editing tool. If you are doing more than one or two a month you can then outsource the editing and SEO maximisation to them as well, well worth it for us.

Good luck, @kyleelmer

I like camtasia studio.

I would also recommend outsourcing the editing. is one I use regularly. 

The time you spend trying to do a decent job a professional can do it in a fraction of the time. I say this because I know video editing is very time consuming to have it look professional. 

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