Found this interesting company.

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Was reading this article on Medium

I immediately thought that this tool maybe great for the lenders of the board. 

Here is an excerpt I found on their startup page on

TrueAccord uses behavioral analytics and personalized messaging to get late and delinquent customers to pay up, recover and come back to being paying customers.

TrueAccord automatically:
- Collects publicly available data about debtors to create a rich dataset teaching the system how to approach them
- Communicates with debtors via multiple channels
- Uses a process designed according to latest behavioral economics research to negotiate with them and understand the root of their inability and/or lack of willingness to pay
- Manages the payment process
- Presents insights back to the merchant


- Complementing debtor profiles with online crawling inspired by Israeli Intelligence Forces' technology, bringing together sentiment analysis, social data and more.
- First ever automated negotiations engine working on debtor objections in real time, employing behavioral economics guided U

Small world. I'm actually a TrueAccord employee and BP user. 

Thanks Gianni. We think we're onto something big and meaningful. For those of you interested, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to connect you to the right people/resources/answers. 

- Jon

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