Loan / Cash Flow Tracking Software

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I looking for a program/spreadsheet that I can use to track my cash flow, loan principal and interest payments, principal outstanding and project into the future for multiple properties. (and do what-ifs if I added future properties).  This would be used for planning and goals setting.  One specific application would be to determine when I could refinance some properties to payoff others in order to increase cash flow and to help determine when the cash flow from my properties will be enough to fund retirement.  I would assume excel would be a great program for such an application.  Thanks much.

I haven't had time to evaluate it at length yet (because I'm not actively acquiring property at the moment), but VelaView looks like it may have the abilities you're looking for.


I would love you help you out, I have also been doing a lot of research on this subject. What is your budget that you are looking to spend that is a big deal when looking into to this. You can go from free software that does work but doesn't perform amazing, to something that is fully customized to what you need and want, just depends on the level of performance needed.

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