I am redoing my main website.. feedback please

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So I have 3 sites. One awcommercial.com goes to my other specialty sites www.nnnrealestateinfo.com for retail and triple net stuff and the other goes to apartments www.apartmentinvestingusa.com

I am doing more work to those as well but right now I am focusing on the main page. It is a static page that goes to the other 2 sites.

A couple sites that I like so far for ideas.

www.agreerealty.com - I like the big picture slider background images HD

www.themansourgroup.com - I like how they have collage of pictures and then two fade out see through black boxes take you to each site.

www.chhausmann.com - They use a parallax word press them. It's supposed to be good for tablets, phones, and desktop to scroll. I like their black out box in the middle with the white bold lettering.

My site is currently in progress. I am not sure if I like the white see through box my designer is doing or the black ones like on the other sites I mentioned. I also was thinking of having retail picture on one half of the screen and then an apartment building on the other half versus all apartment for the background. I am doing many other things but working on that first. Any input appreciated. Remember I do commercial real estate so many residential type applications will not apply.


Hey Joel,

I can definitely provide you a bunch of feedback on these sites. For your main site, it seems to lack structure and information hierarchy. I find the text too small and difficult to read on the transparent white background.

Your speciality sites are much better but at first glance, when I landed on the page, I had no idea what it was. There should be some large descriptive headline text indicating what the user is seeing when they land on the page. Also that large description can also be used for SEO.

I can definitely get into a lot more detail, feel free to PM me (:


this one is a very cool look to it...the full screen sites are what is trendy right now in the fashion and entertainment industry, which we all know typically lead the way for what ends up becoming industry standard elsewhere.

but it really depends on your audience and whether your goal is to build a brand or pull leads bc those 2 are completely different site structures as well as sitemaps for optimization

@Joel Owens   agreerealty.com may have the fullscreen trend but, it's not that usable and functional across devices (phones, tablets, etc...) and may confuse people as the user interface structure is kinda "foreign" due to trying to be trendy. Might want to keep that in mind.

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