PC or Mac?

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sounds like a difficult question for some but most of you have it down which one is better? PC or Mac? What are the benefits of each with differ nets programs to track expenses or analyze deals? Does either have a better setup for keeping track of rental expenses, fix ups, or wholesales? What's your opinions?

I'm considering the purchase of a new computer, mine is 12 years old and I rarely use it for anything but quicken for personal finances. I'm a newbie and could use your experience! Thanks BP!

no quicken on Mac. I use excel instead. PC or  Mac will work fine.  I use Mac cause I do a lot of photo editing. 

Most programs I've come across are either web based or use Microsoft excel. I'm sure you can use them on both a PC and a Mac. I think it really just comes down to how much you want to spend. An entry level PC starts at around $400. A basic macbook starts at around $1000. I personally carry a Microsoft Surface tablet. It's portable enough and runs all the apps I would ever need for analyzing deal and running numbers. 

You can get a used Macbook Air for ~$600. Install Libreoffice (Openoffice). Or better yet, use Google Apps.

Or if you're not doing any significant creative work, just get a Chromebook.

I use a MacBook Pro so that I can do the creative when I need to and for the longevity and low/no maintenance and no extra security software.

I also have a windows desktop, but I used it so little that I converted it to a home theater PC.

It is almost time for me to upgrade my laptop. I probably have a year or two left. I'm not exactly sure which direction I am going to go with all the mobile computing options. My goal is to be as mobile and light as possible using cloud and web based services whenever possible.

I'll probably go with a MB AIR. If they have a new iPad by then with all the functionality of a current AIR, I'd probably go with that. I'd like to think that I am a super-user, but in reality, I shouldn't be!! I should be hiring out the hard and/or time-consuming stuff, and keep doing what I do best: real estate!

mac = a much better built computer and is way easier to use once you get use to it.

windows is a crapy system. 

now with that said mac is way to expensive and its stupid! although i have everything apple and love how they are all synced and if i load something on one it goes to all my devices. I know android can do the same thing but is harder to navigate as it is a open market so anyone can add any app to them they want. 

you best best is to go to best buy and spend time playing with everything! 

as far as mac not having certain program you can simply log into the app store that is on your mac book and just search for what you want/need and there will be a app for you. 

Definitely depends on preference. If there are programs and/or features you're planning to use, it's best to determine how and if they work with the platform of choice. Hope that helps!

Doesn't really matter. I have always been a Windows user and actually worked for MSFT for 5 years but my latest work laptop is a Macbook Pro (first one) and I like it about the same as my last Windows laptop (except I know fewer of the shortcuts so far.) Ultimately, it's just what 1.) are you more used to and 2.) has more of the software/apps you need. My next one might be another Windows one, or a Mac. Who knows.

I do like the Macbook Pro / Air for how thin and light they are. It's pretty great.

Mac– it will be more reliable and last longer. They are more expensive, but Apple.com has a refurb store with great discounts, and they all have a one year warranty, same as their new ones do.

Of course, a notebook computer is a rapidly-depreciating asset, but it is an asset. I simply cannot work without one. And I don't like downtime.

A used, 3-year old Macbook Air is still a great machine, and an affordable one. Make sure it has at least 4 GB of RAM.

Some Windows-running laptops are also great hardware, but the OS itself has too much bloat. Chromebook is the epitome of how little OS/hardware you really need to get work done (beside Linux Mint or a similar outlier).

I use Mac because I like the OS,

If think you'll like whatever you're most familiar with, but I do think it is worth giving the Mac OS a shot if you haven't tried it.

As for the whole PC's are cheaper thing, although technically true this is a bit of misnomer i think.

Mac does not make a lower end model. If you compare specs of most mac machines with similarly equipped PC's you'll find them to be pretty close in price. I just purchased a Macbook air with 8GB ram, independent intel 5000 graphics card, intel I5 processor, and 256 gb Flash drive for under 1000 dollars (with an education discount). The mac also comes with good video, audio, and photo editing software, all of the office software, and it looks pretty cool imo. 

Sure you can say a chromebook is cheaper than a macbook, but they're not really the same thing.

I imagine a small PC laptop with those specs would be in the same ballpark price-wise.

My 2 cents!


I very much prefer a PC over a Mac.  I never used a Mac until this year when I bought an Air for my wife.  It's a great looking laptop and the battery lasts a long time.  

When ever I use it I feel like nothing makes sense.  I guess my years and years of windows experience makes the operating system almost second nature.  People always complain about windows having problems, getting errors and getting viruses.  I don't see it...

I'm sure Macs have their advantages, but anytime I need to do anything but type something or browse the internet I go upstairs and use my PC (with it's mouse...I HATE TOUCHPADS!).

..just my 2 cents

@Jason Smith  , I've traditionally been an all-Windows guy since it was what I knew, but I transitioned primarily to a Macbook Pro a couple of years ago and have loved it. It's gotten close enough, controls-wise (mouse clicks, scroll, basic things like that) to what I'm used to that it was easy enough to adapt. I've fallen in love with the Mac for multitasking and quick-use Apps, and it hasn't crashed on me once; if it were my old Dell, I'd be on my 5th reformat. That said, get the extended warranty, just because. I did have a new logic board put in (time-frame specific defect, I'm told) which would have run between $600-800, but the extended warranty got me clear. Oh, and they shipped it off for repair and I received it back two days later; forgot that part.

One last item in regards to the whole incompatible Windows program bit; there is an operating system out there called Parallels which you can install on a Mac, and then install Windows itself, so you can actually run both systems simultaneously, and you don't have to buy Mac-specific software if there are certain programs you want. Figuring out the directories cross-system takes some getting used to, but is generally pretty straightforward. As I mentioned, I've been running it for a couple of years with nary a software problem; hope this helps,and good luck with your purchase!

Thank you all for all of your info!   Every one of you had very valid points, my wife I guess will have final say and she uses a Mac at work and loves it.  We both have iPhones and she does some photo editing and graphic work.   Although I don't need the expensive Mac  products and I don't like to spend the extras, I think I will be purchasing an IMAC.

I used to use PCs. Won't touch one now due to that crap of an os called windows 8. If I wanted my computer to look and run like a tablet, Id buy a tablet.

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