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I am a real estate agent and now part time investor. Whenever I get a new listing, I seem to receive a handful of emails from other investors. Some seem to be automated and some take their time to write them out. I'm looking to see if anyone knows of the automated services that will send out these mailers, because I don't have the time to scour the MLS to look for new listings.

What are your experiences with these mailers if you receive them. Please share. Thanks. 

my agent use one called "Listbook messenger" I love it because as an investors I can set my criteria and it sends me a morning report.  

As a realtor, I also use ListingBook.  I can set up the auto drip email with criteria I have discussed with a client.  Then the client has access to that criteria to modify and change.  Another great part of this service, is that I can see what changes are made and also which properties the client finds interesting.  If a client understands the significance of this system, it can create a good form of communication as well as save both agent and client a great deal of time.

I appreciate both of your inputs however I'm looking for like a IDX system that will find any new listings and will automatically mail out a canned message to the listing agent asking to purchase their listing for possibility of flipping. 

Hmm, not something I am aware of, but I will definitely ask around the office to find out if anyone else knows of something

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