Zillow or Trulia

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Hi BP,

Overall which one is a better real estate website Zillow or Trulia?

I am a real estate broker and has access to a local mls, however I want experience how non broker investor see Zillow and Trulia. 

Any suggestion is helpful.

If you have access to the mls, why not pull a couple different properties in different areas across town and compare the two sites yourself?

In my area, zillow is more popular with the common person so knowing those numbers is more important, accurate or not. You tell a lie long enough and many times it becomes the truth.

@James Syed I've found that Zillow is pretty good at estimating rents and prices in the local area, but Trulia is best for statistics, schools, etc. The problem is neither of these websites know the true value based on improvements to the property. There could be two houses right next door with the same exact layout and one had $100k dumped into a remodel and Zillow/Trulia wouldn't know the difference. At least this is my experience with them. The best has to be the MLS.

It looks like it may not matter which one you prefer as Z and TRLA are in talks to merge (as my shares of TRLA go H.A.M. to the upside).

While they both serve a purpose, I agree with the other posters, you can't beat MLS for the best data.

I use zillow more but verify my data with other sources like craigslist for rent, county website for taxes and violations, and comps for prices.

News for today is Zillow is set to purchase Trulia for $3.5 Billion. Guess this answers which is the bigger company if there ever was the question. Mergers of this magnitude usually take a few years to complete, if they actually go through and neither entity withdraws. I'll be waiting to see additional comments & posts to come regarding this powerful conglomerate and how people think this will effect their real estate business if at all.... What does this mean for the others such as redfin etc? Pandering.


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