THE best use of social media I've seen! A MUST SEE!!

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If you haven't checked out @J Scott , and his wife's site, you should!  They have so much information packed in to take us all along on the construction of their new home. I know they will pick up several leads to build homes (and I hope Mrs. Scott isn't too attached to the current build, because I'm sure there will be offers). 

They've included everything, and it's a great use of all the various uses of social media, video, 3D renderings,Facebook, etc. Whether you are doing new construction, remodeling, fix/flips etc., there's ideas to learn from. As you can tell, I'm very impressed and excited for them, and wanted to encourage all of you to check it out. The Scott Pad!  


@Karen Margrave  I would have to wholeheartedly agree with this post. is literally a blueprint for aspiring developers like me.  

At the July BP Meetup in NYC I had the opportunity to thank @J Scott for all the information that he and his wife openly share with the real estate investing community.  I for one appreciate the knowledge I've obtained from them.

Thanks Karen and Narelle!

We've spent a ton of time on the site in hopes that it would serve as documentation of an end-to-end build for others to use (and for me to use as a reference for our own future projects).  It's been fun for both my wife and myself to do this...

I think they are going to have to pry Carol out of there with a crowbar! :)

More saliently, I think this is an excellent website and as previously stated it is an excellent blueprint on the house building process.  Thanks for all of your hard work Carol and J.  

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