.com, .home, .house, .estate. Setting up website- domain to chose

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We all love .com but it seem that these other domains are just starting up.  I heard that if you use a domain like .forsale, then your site will be higher on google or zillow.  Anyone have any thoughts.  For me I think my website will be mainly on links, cards, flyers so I am ok not having a .com and prefer to be higher on the google searches.

These questions might be best suited for web designers or programmers/SEO experts.

.com is and most likely will always be the best.  

I tried the whole .co when that came out and the domains were $30k to purchase and renew per year and it was never that popular.

I used to do a fair amount of website development for small businesses and followed to industry.  My opinion and that of most dealing with small businesses is that if you intend to get a sizable portion of your business from people typing the address in from some offline advertising source you need to go (at least in the US) with .com if at all possible and .net as a fairly far down second choice for an extension.  If you are a club or group, .org is a possibility.  All the other extensions are marketing junk that the general public isn't really used to.  In some cases they are penalized by the search engines because they are the domains of spammers.

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Dot com will always have more SEO juice and anti spam power. The others are novelties in my eyes. Like if you wanted a business card to stand out a little more buy a .estate too. Keep in mind you have have as many domains as you like. 


@Aaron Nordgren  like everyone else said, stick to .com. It'll reinforce your credibility as a company - I'm personally immediately suspicious of any .net website. 

@Paul Ewing  - this is a complete side note but I went to Aledo High School and played Boyd many times in sports! 

Hey Aaron 

Just my 2 cents

I started this journey back in 2009.  I learned Wordpress.org.  It was a tough and long journey.   I didn't understand HTML, wordpress, widgets, plugins, SEO, Backlinking etc...

As time went on I got better and better.   I used Youtube as my teacher.  That and this website called warriorforum.    Probably 2 of the most powerful tools you I know of when it comes to learning all the stuff I mentioned previously.   

As the years went buy made money and lost money.   

I learned something in 2012 called "long tail keywords"  and I focused on that.   I continued to write for Google, and got really good at ranking on page 1.    

Then I learned that video was easier and I learned how to rank on page 1 of Google for videos.

in 2013 my sites took at hit.  Cause of focused on Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc...

In the beginning of 2014.  I reinvented my biz and my life on the Internet

I focused on 1 thing.  People!

Let the search engines do what they do.   Let Social Media do what it does

I have found that People have more value than SEO, backlinks, etc.....  

Ultimately you will understand that People and helping them with their problems is better than any technique you will try.  

I say all that to say get the domain you like that will help people solve their problems the best.   Be Honest and Ethical.   Place Value in what you do and you will be shocked at what happens.    I have seen many sites that don't have favorable domain names rank super high in searches.   Some have tons of backlinks, some don't.    

There are more valuable ways to build targeted traffic to your site than SEO, PPC, Backlinks etc.    Spend time on Biggerpockets, Youtube or Warriorforum and you will learn some great ways to drive target traffic to your sites and help people

I am not knocking SEO or other techniques, All I am saying is do what you know will provide value to you and your target market.   

I wish you the best, can't wait to see your site