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Hi all, 

I'm looking at creating a website and wonder if anyone has a list of keywords (or key phrases) that I can optimize for?

(For those who don't know, keywords are the terms people use in search engines to find things. I'm looking for the keywords (e.g. "sell my house fast") that I should target to drive traffic to my site.)

Thanks, Rob

There are literally thousands of combinations of keywords you could target. What type of leads do you want? What would they be searching for if/when they found you?

Cody - that's why I was asking. :)

I guess the question is, are there keywords that would drive traffic from people that are likely to be "motivated" sellers? I'm new, so I'm not sure what those terms might be.

@Account Closed  There are really an unlimited number of possibilities when it comes to keywords and driving traffic. I would suggest checking out google's keyword planner ( and try out some terms that you are looking at to get estimates on search volumes.

One suggestion I have would be to include the area that you are targeting with your keyword terms. There is a huge difference between trying to optimize for "sell my home fast" and "sell my Frisco home fast". The first having much more competition and leads will be more likely to come in from anywhere. Whereas including Frisco in your search will likely narrow down your funnel to people trying to sell a home in Frisco. This is a very broad overview however and there are a ton of other factors in play. I would suggest doing some online research first.

Hope this helped a little.

John, it's the whole "unlimited number of possibilities" that prompted my post. I'm familiar with the keyword planner, but was hoping someone had some good starting keywords to work from. I thought someone might have a list of keywords that performs well for them.

Thanks, Rob

@Account Closed  I would suggest that you pretend that you are the type of lead you are targeting and work backwards. What would your leads be searching for? A seller lead would be searching for different terms than a buyer and vice versa. You may be able to find a list of keywords somewhere but simply just stuffing those in blog posts isn't going give you the results you want.

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