BP forum post keep crashing with new Iphone 6

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Every time I click on a forum post it won't open...I am using the new iPhone 6 with ios8. I tried resetting the phone and reinstalling the BP app without success. Anyone else having this issue? Any solution out there? Thanks

I have the same problem every once in a while on my iPhone 4s... It only does it to me on certain posts but happens at least once a day.

@Jason M.  I have the same issue. I can't open any posts on my phone since the update

I use the iPhone 5s and some posts cause the app to crash when trying to open them. It must be some problem specific to those posts since I can come back and crash my app again opening the same thread.

Maybe @brandonturner can chime in on this Issue?

We're aware of the problem and hope to get it rectified ASAP.  Thanks guys.

Is it a IPhone 6 issue or IOS 8 ?  I have  I Phone 5 and was going to update from IOS  7.1 to 8 this week, but keep hearing about new bugs in IOS 8

@Kenneth Hynes  I'd hold off on ios 8. I upgraded, and am finding a lot of the apps haven't caught up yet with their own updates.

Any word on the update for ios8 @joshua dorkin

We've got the problem fixed.  Just making sure there are no other issues and we hope to push the update in the next day (which means you'll likely see it in the coming week on your phone -- Apple takes a bit to review changes.)

Bravo!  Can't wait for the update so I can start using the app. 

Is the app full featured?  I have the big phone but it's always nice to just click on the app and start using, vs going through the pages and tabs etc...

The app allows full usage of the forums and alerts....

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