BP forum post keep crashing with new Iphone 6

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Every time I click on a forum post it won't open...I am using the new iPhone 6 with ios8. I tried resetting the phone and reinstalling the BP app without success. Anyone else having this issue? Any solution out there? Thanks

I have the same problem every once in a while on my iPhone 4s... It only does it to me on certain posts but happens at least once a day.

@Jason M.  I have the same issue. I can't open any posts on my phone since the update

I use the iPhone 5s and some posts cause the app to crash when trying to open them. It must be some problem specific to those posts since I can come back and crash my app again opening the same thread.

Maybe @brandonturner can chime in on this Issue?

Is it a IPhone 6 issue or IOS 8 ?  I have  I Phone 5 and was going to update from IOS  7.1 to 8 this week, but keep hearing about new bugs in IOS 8

Kenneth Hynes

    @Kenneth Hynes  I'd hold off on ios 8. I upgraded, and am finding a lot of the apps haven't caught up yet with their own updates.

    Any word on the update for ios8 @joshua dorkin

    Bravo!  Can't wait for the update so I can start using the app. 

    Is the app full featured?  I have the big phone but it's always nice to just click on the app and start using, vs going through the pages and tabs etc...

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