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I'm trying to find a database that is relatively cheap and/or free. Eventually once we really start pulling in deals we will invest in a better one with more features. But what is a good one to start off with that will hold the property information, my buyer list, and my sellers list. Thank you.

-Josh can get what you need now with their free cloud based service.  It will also manage your marketing campaigns.  They have tons of different modules you an add, most of them have free single user versions, to manage everything imaginable.  And, since it's all cloud based, it's accessible from anywhere.

Check out the Zoho CRM product comparison here:

I'm on a free trial now of the Zoho Professional Edition.  The marketing campaign feature-set seems to be well-suited for direct marketing campaigns.  However, your needs should probably dictate the tool you use. 

Thank you @Hattie Dizmond for the tip. I've signed up for the free account and so far seems to be a great tool! 

If you know someone computer savy, they can create an Access Database. It is fully customizable and flexible. 

Have you considered SugarCRM? If you have someone who is technical (can install host a LAMP program) and can help you develop the database, it might be a good fit.

Maybe not the easiest of solutions, but certainly gives you a few more features around building a pipeline than something like Microsoft Access gives.

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