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Hello Citizens of BP!

I wanted to get some opinions on some software programs. I am a property manager in Barre, Vermont and we are currently using a web based property management program. However I am not completely satisfied with it. Dont get me wrong there are MANY aspects that are awesome but the big thing is the accounting aspect. I am spending ALOT of time entering in information when programs like quickbooks have it almost completely automated. I am thinking of switching to a program called Propertyware. I was wondering if anyone has used this program or knows someone who has, and what their opinions on the product are? Can anything be improved? How is the learning curve (I am pretty tech savvy? etc.

Thanks in advance for the input!

Reuben Stone 

Hi @Reuben Stone  

We manage about 200 properties in Tulsa OK using Propertyware. We converted nearly two years ago. We use Propertyware for all management, maintenance, and trust accounting as well as marketing. We also had them build our website for us and host it with them. We still use Quickbooks for our corporate accounting, but we have become efficient at using the two programs in tandem. Overall we are satisfied customers.


- Overall efficiency has improved dramatically. Workflow management and automation is first rate.

- Very full featured. Normally when I think to myself "I wish I could do..." I just look it up and find that Propertyware has implemented it. From all appearances Propertyware is in it for the long haul and take customer suggestions seriously.

- Marketing tied into our website makes listing a property on our website extremely easy: upload photos, narrative, click "Publish for Rent" in Propertyware, it is up on our listings page on our website.

- Accepting e-payments from tenants, direct deposits for owners, all within Propertyware. Bulk processing of owner draws, etc. Again, workflow is seamless and logical.


- Their web development team can put together a nice looking website (at least we think it is!) but the backend "Sites" module does not permit much control from a SEO standpoint, so I have spent a lot of time coming up with workarounds. If you are a techie (or wannabe SEO guy like myself) and want full control of your website I would not recommend using their web development/hosting. You can still integrate the listing widget into your website, allowing you to quickly publish listings.

There is a learning curve and it will take some effort to convert from your old system to the new (it took us about a month to get everything up and running), but once established, we have found marked improvement in overall efficiency as a company.

You might check out their free trial. It has a sample database that you can manipulate to get a feel for the software and workflow.


Thank you for the input! We are currently using Buildium for our property management needs and they are good but not great. There are quite a few aspects that I am unhappy with and I think propertyware is going to solve many if not all of my issues. 

Again thank you for the input and good luck with your company! 


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