Anyone have any experience with RealQuest by CoreLogic?

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Hello Everyone

I came across this site and wonder if anyone uses it and what your experience has been.

Is it worth paying for?

 Are there any others like this to compare to?



I have not, but am interested.  I have tried similar services with little luck due to bad or outdated information.  I currently use CoStar for Multifamily, but unfortunately it is about 385.00 a month (or more), but gives detailed information on any commercial property for sale or not on the market.

Do you have any idea what Core Logic charges?  I used to use them for rental application screening 8 years ago, but that is my only experience with them.

Realquest Pro is an excellent product for an investor to use, particularly if they do not have access to the MLS. The information is accurate and can save a lot of time in due diligence research.

The price for information varies and it is best to determine how much information you actually need and will use compared to the price you pay.  

Hey Victoria

Thanks for the response and info.


You can use List source and I think it is by corelogic too. It is similar to Realquest, but you pay as you go, but must be $50.00 minimum. I new and have not had the opportunity to use it just yet.

Hey Pam

Thanks for the heads up. I will look into pricing for ListSource as well.



I currently have RealQuest express (for 1 month only).  I wouldn't recommend it for the price.  I feel I can get about the same info for free some where else.

Hey Donna

Thanks for the feedback. I was worried about the value factor. Does it make running numbers or researching easier in any ways?

Im current using it. The information seems pretty legit on comps. 

Lately it does not pull property data.  It used to work but now it just returns a blank page.

Any updates? it a monthly subscription for the pro version?  Is it worth it?

@Lorcan MacGrath

I've been using RealQuest Pro for at least a decade for mailer data.  There is simply no comparison in quality data.  It is expensive, but worth it.

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Thank you all for sharing. I am also a beginner and I am looking to make an educated and smart decision about what I want to buy especially if it's going be from a limited amount of funds. Good luck @Lorcan MacGrath .

@Jack Butala - how much is real quest pro ? Can you send me a Pm as I would like to discuss with you its features to see if it is worth it for me.


Thanks, @Chris Seveney . We are a licensed provider of RealQuest Pro. Per BiggerPockets policy, please click on the link provided in my signature block. The short of it is that It's half the cost of getting it directly from CoreLogic and comes with unbeatable real estate acquisition specific bulk mail service.

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