Google My Maps: Make A Custom Map of Properties

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I created a custom map of the 3 properties I am purchasing to build on a couple weeks ago. Google My Maps isn't all that new, but they have made it incredibly easier to use and embed. See screenshot below:

My purpose here was to show where the properties were in relation to beach access points. See actual map here:

I have only just begun to play around with this, but you can add data, place markers, change colors of features, and much more. 

Anyway, just thought I would share...

thanks for sharing this. I've interested in something like this for sometime now.

It's a great tool, we use that to map all of our listings on as well.  I'm going to look into this to see if the controls have been upgraded.  Thanks for the link.

I was looking for something like this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Good share... it will prove quite useful Thanks...

Google sheets now has a Maps add on that can be very helpful used creatively. I do a lot of mailing all over the country. You could, for example , load your mailing list into the add on for a visual of your farm. Change the color of map pin for those that call, and another color for deals closed. In effect, you create heat maps of your farm.

That alone can help you see trends that you can capitalize on and once you've gotten good at can start making some very good educated predictions of what will happen next.

That's one good reason to track your data. There are many more.....

@Jerry Puckett  

good idea Have you ever heard of you can take list of properties and paste them into that web site and it will show a map with flags of the properties that you entered..

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