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Like many BPers I have multiple social media pages including facebook for business, linkedin, twitter, etc.  I have been looking for companies that integrate all social media from one page.  Basically looking at posting one single post and it being sent out to all social media pages.  Anyone have any luck with this? 


Hootsuite or Sproutsocial are the big players, there are a few other options as well.

@Rocky V.  I am in charge of managing the social media at the company I work for and use Hootsuite extensively, I also have a little experience with SproutSocial. I am not familiar with how much the free version has to offer. I know that Hootsuite is relatively cheap and more affordable compared to SproutSocial (SproutSocial is more powerful of a system). 

I would suggest just trying the free version of Hootsuite or a free trial on one of the paid plans. You can always upgrade or cancel.

You could make a simple wordpress site and integrate one of the many plugins that are available that would do exactly what your looking for.  I used to make affiliate sites for people and linking every aspect of social media together was great for SEO prupses.

I've used Hootsuite, Buffer, SproutSocial and Meet Edgar, and for ease of use I'd go with Buffer. It's super easy to use, gives you some basic analytics and you can add a little bookmarklet to your browser so when you happen to come across something you might want to share via social, you click that and can share or add it to your queue in about 10 seconds. 

Mostly it comes down to personal preference, for me, the Buffer user experience and interface is better. 

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