What website can I build/use to show my properties for sale?

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I'm looking for some advice and options as to what website builders are available and have templates for me to use to show my properties for sale?

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Wordpress has a bunch of RE template sites you can use to highlight your properties on.  Look at themeforest.net and search the Real Estate sites.  BP has also partnered up with lead propeller who offers a hosted template site.  I believe you can showcase your properties on one of the sites they offer as well.  Investor carrot is another one I believe but I don't have much knowledge of that site, can do a search on them here for some recent threads.  Welcome to the site, I recommend you set up your profile and introduce yourself on the new member introduction forum. 

Thanks for your advice William....will check them out.  



Hi Nate,

Check wix.com. They have a nice templates, and it is a half price, just for this weekend.



Thanks Kyle!!

I'd 2nd @William Allen   's thoughts.  WordPress is an excellent, fairly easy to use CMS (content management system) and there are several sites like GoDaddy that offer next to nothing hosting for managed WP sites if you purchase your domain through them.  And as Bill said, there are numerous real estate specific themes you can apply to your site and be showcasing your properties in no time.

Lots of ways you can go but it really comes down to how much work/money you want to put into it. 

Wordpress and Wix: Great options and cheapest but you'll have to put the most work into. It's probably a medium sized effort in terms of work.

Lead Propeller and Investor Carrot: Great options as well.  They will cost more but almost all the front end effort is taken care of so setup and maintenance is minimal.

A question...

Do you want the site to draws in people through search results or just a showcase where you can send your buyers?

Hi Scott

I have a VA who can build websites from scratch or through Wordpress etc. I was hoping to also have a simple option I might try to do myself. We've done a number of real estate websites over the years, most were professionally built and fairly complex but didn't have the ease of use or altering. Now we want to focus more particularly on getting good property listing appearance and property detail layout. We will use a number of websites in different locations and also for different sale channels like Lease Options, Wholesaling, Flipping, Turn-Key rentals etc. So we can't have each of these on the same website. So I guess what I'm looking for is a website builder which we could basically have a very similar format for each website, user friendly for me to input or update if I need to, not needing to spend too much design or setup time because they don't need to be fancy. We want professional clean and neat appearance. Also considering we'll want visitors to be able to input their contact details I would like to have a website link to our CRM. Currently we use infusionsoft which is fine, however we're not using it's full capabilities and therefore are considering lower priced CRM options as well. The websites will be from traffic I drive to them from our own marketing. We've invested in SEO and adwords etc over the years and are focusing now more on personal contact with people rather than search engines, I'm not techy, I hope this make sense.

Thanks again.



Thanks Travis

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  Nate hope your doing well.. I want to talk to you about our new project and how we could implement that with your previous endeavors.  will be in contact

Hi Jay, Look forward to talking with you.  



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