How to get help with Donations, funding, and grants for a Real Estate Project for Veterans

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Hello, I am from Dayton,Ohio, I am working with a couple of other investors here in the area and we are working on a project that will be helping out our War Veterans and any disabled Vet's. Lots of Vets who are getting out now and or have been out are having a hard time transitioning back into society and workforce. WE are working on our business plan and discussing it with the zoning and planning depts, our engineer, architect and our builder.

WE need help funding this, we have some of our own money, we have bought the land already, we just need to see if anyone has any good ideas of where we can get donations or any other investors who may want to invest into what we are doing, or if there is programs out there that could help fund this project. Please give me any ideas you may have, suggestions or advice. If you want to know more in detail of what we are doing, please message me for more info.

Thanks Sondra

@Sondra Mckibben We just completed a small development for 30 homeless people in Washington State, called Quixote Village. Panza is the organization that made this happen. The project was funded with private donations and federal and state funds. Perhaps try contacting Panza. They may be able to give you some good ideas. They're pretty fantastic people!

@Sondra Mckibben  I private messaged you a search I did for Socially Responsible Investors. Maybe if you provided more specific details of what it is you want to do, some people might want to help. 

I would like more information on this topic as well.

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