Buyers Site SEO - What's the Secret Sauce?

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I've recently set up a buyers site for my land acquisition company, now I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about optimizing it's search engine rankings (SEO). I know creating quality content is great, but what would that content be on a buyer's site for land....articles about topics motivated sellers would be interested in (options for selling land...etc)? 

Also, since I'd be interested in buying land throughout the US, does anyone have advice on selecting keywords?

I just got the recorded deed back on my first raw land deal, so I'm getting excited to ramp this up. 


@Harry Asnien  Man you just asked a question that can't possibly be answered through this forum thread. SEO is a dead end for a lot of people because of its dark secretes. On page SEO is very time consuming, and creating the content get even worse. 

You must create what I call epic-wow content if you want people to take action. I've done this many times for tons of people who ask what type of content do I need? What i stress to them is that all your content must be targeted, and optimized for local searches.

Hi @Harry Asnien,

The number of websites competing for the same keyword is huge. So, if you want to tackle SEO, I'd recommend going after so called "long tail keywords": keyword phrases that at 3-4+ keywords long. Indeed, less people search for these keywords, but in general, it's easier to rank high for these than more broad keywords. In addition, people finding your site using these keywords are more targeted. I'd build landing pages for these keywords. For example: Sell land in NH, Sell land in MA, etc. It might also make sense starting an AdWords campaign as well.

I'd start with a keyword research on Google's  

In terms of useful content, you are absolutely right about that: it's important to produce quality content and even reach out to related real-estate bloggers and provide free quality content for their site as a guest blogger. Most sites will let you add a link back to your blog. 

Here are some topics (I'm sure though that there are already many articles written on this subject) So think about how you could improve on them:

  • how to sell land
  • how to sell land by owner
  • how to sell land fast
  • how to sell land online
  • sell your land
  • etc.

@Antonio Coleman is right, that it's time consuming.

I'd also think about advertising this elsewhere: craigslist, etc.

You could also partner with someone or call marketing companies. They may generate leads for you for a certain fee.

Good luck!

Thanks @Antonio Coleman and @Zoltan Fagyal !

It sounds like writing "epic-wow" content is the way to go. I know this is time consuming, but I figure a couple hours a week and over time I will have a solid content base. It also makes sense about what you said about long tail keywords being easier to rank for. 

Writing content for motivated sellers is like using the other side of the brain, just need to use that muscle a bit to warm it up.

@Harry Asnien, right, put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers. If I had a land I want to sell, where do I sell it, where do I advertise it, etc. You may want to be on those places / platforms besides doing SEO.

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