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Hello everyone,

I'm looking into creating my REI website. I'm looking into having a page on my site in order for individuals to leave their information. Does anyone have any preferences on software or tools to use to capture leads from your website?

Any ideas would be much appreciated. 


inbound marketing. hubspot has some great materials on it and free training that takes about 4 hours. They also have an awesome albeit pricey software suite to help with the task, but it's the blog, landing pages, email marketing all in one. Even all their free materials are great and will help though. 

What you're looking for are landing pages. Understanding about landing pages vs websites vs blogs will also prove helpful. Lead capture is typically done by landing pages from websites. here is BP doing it in action:  http://www.biggerpockets.com/pro

Note the clean page, lack of "clutter", the frequent buttons to sign up (calls to action)

A good way to encourage this is with an ebook or whitepaper download. Example "How to get the best price for your home in the Woodbridge VA Area", "How to avoid foreclosure in VA" Free download, just enter your email. Then you tell them all the ways, with the most important one being "Sell your house to an investor.... like me" No hard sale, you're looking to solve peoples problems. The idea is people want your expertise in solving those problems, then they trust & pay you.

Instapage, pagewiz and unbounce are some other landing page sites that come to mind.

Let me know if you choose one and how successful it is for you. (I love marketing!)

Guys, I really appreciate the feedback. I am in the process of building my site now. This information will be very beneficial. 

Thanks a lot

@Antonio Coleman @William Boudle 

I use aweber as well, but I use Gravity Forms to build my contact forms.  You'll be able to build out much better looking/functioning forms with Gravity Forms over Aweber form builder.  Plus you can link Gravity forms to aweber very easily.

Another Great service is LeadPages.Net

You can use Podio as a CRM and build a form with lead information that you want to capture and then embed that form into your website. The user fills out the information that your interested in and the lead goes directly into your CRM. You can set it up to notify you or your VA immediately when a lead comes in. Then you or VA could log into podio give them a call back and record all of the rest of the information that you want from them. A CRM App can track that lead through the whole process.

Be forewarned that Podio has a learning curve, but is VERY customizable and relatively easy to learn.

@Justin Williams , check out Sendpepper, aka Office Autopilot also. Very robust form builder, lead capture, CRM database, and direct mail all under one roof. 

Like many, has a bit of a learning curve, but well worth it:

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