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Seeing a lot of the good/simple names are taken for the .com has anyone tried the .house extension?  They are more expensive, but worth it?

@Adrian S.

From my research, I have found that using a top-level domain may be better for marketing your brand as well as for search engine optimization. 

Using TLD's like .house also may indicate spam to some technologies. 

Just my insight on the topic, but good luck!

@Adrian Smude Have not used that extension at all, but times is changing so it might be worth taking a chance at it. But if I was you I would just keep it simple with a .com so it doesn't confuse people until the day this really catches on. 

I would use the .house as a landing or squeeze page.  Its too early for the general pubilic to really respect .house.   In a few years, something like (your town). house might be worth a lot of money to you, but at the moment, people arent searching for keywords and dot (other keyword).  The new extensions are just another keyword. 

.com is god and due to the vast amount of new extensions it's now even more important to be on .com

Also hello other adrian s.

I was thinking what you all said.  I think a lot of people would still put a .com at the end of .house as well because they don't know any better.

Hello to you too @Adrian Stamer

Yes, I think a lot of people would add .com at the end because doesn't look like a website address.  When I saw the subject of this post, that didn't even cross my mind.  I was thinking it didn't make sense and thought the period before "house" must have been on accident.  Now, of course, it makes sense.  But people in general aren't very tech savvy.

Even the more established options like .net aren't great either because people will still tend to put .com.  You're doing good if you can pick a domain name that they can remember before the TLD ending.  I think it's better not to throw something new at them on top of it. 

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to grab the domain before someone else does it and hang on to it and see what happens.  Or you could even do some testing if you have time and see what happens.  I wouldn't put all my eggs in that basket, but it could work as a secondary website for testing.

If you were going to try something like that, I think it would be especially important to put "www." in front of the domain so people know it's a website address.  With .com people know it's a website address, but with something like .house they probably wouldn't know what it was.

Originally posted by @Adrian Smude :

Seeing a lot of the good/simple names are taken for the .com has anyone tried the .house extension?  They are more expensive, but worth it?

 Speaking as someone in the Tech industry for the last 20 years....any time you can get a .com address that is always better.  they may remember the rest of the address but not the extension....

for instances;

almost always they would remember the houses4sale part but if they dont remember the extension and put in just went to someone elses site

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