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I know many of you are very active on social media, and post to several different sites, blog, etc. Maybe you can share your successes with us.  

1. Which sites do you post to for your business? How often? 

2. Do you use a social media management tool that posts to all the sites for you? 

3. Do you have a blog? How do you promote it? How often do you blog? 

4. What is the most effective social media site for your business? (other than BP, which obviously is THE premiere site for anything real estate!) 

Hi Karen, 

I used to be a social media community manager and like Hootsuite for posting to multiple SM platforms. 

For sharing news and blog posts (once they've been posted) I like Buffer. 

Blogging wise I usually recommend WordPress. 

Depending on your goals and why you're using SM you want to post at the very least once a month or once a week. 

If you have any other questions I am happy to help. 

@Karen Margrave Wow, there will be no way to answer all these in details so I'm going to do it like this. I use all platforms effectively from my blog to all the top social media sites. Just trying to be active is not enough you need to be able to add value from your website to the social media world. 

Build relationships to get in-front of your targeted audience is the way to build traffic, and your brand. Some amazing stuff 

It's been awhile, but I wanted to bump this back up and get the conversation going again. So for those of you that have weighed in, thanks! 

As a builder/broker I basically post trying to find buyers for our deals. I also have been able to pick up some potential investors for deals by people visiting my website, etc., and on BP.  During the construction phase I like to post pics, etc., share floor plans, etc. (I haven't been using video, but know I need to)  I also want to post about the local neighborhoods where we are building and highlight the businesses close by. 

My question is, how can I manage all the social media posts easily, or can I? I don't want to work as a social media manager!  I'd like a way to post to FB, Twitter, Instagram, possibly my website, and blog. Can I do that with something like Hootsuite, Sprout or ? 

Also, it seems like there are just so many social media outlets (Linkedn, Google+,) it's never ending. What do you do beside Biggerpockets of course! Help!! 

@Antonio Coleman @Jeb Brilliant and others, please weigh in. I know I'm not the only person that isn't a social media expert and others WILL find value in the answers. 

@Account Closed (I know you two are brilliant on social media) 

I'm with @Jeb Brilliant in that I like Hootesuite as well, for posting to multiple SM channels. I've used Buffer, but not as extensively as HS. I prefer HS over Buffer (just my preference).

Perhaps you are trying to utilize too many channels? Who is your target audience, what channels do they use most? FB & Pinterest are mostly women. Instagram is mostly millenials. G+ is where the men tend to be. 

You mentioned videos of your projects. That sounds like the winner for you. Also, are you on ActiveRain?

Hey @Karen Margrave .

I don't use a social media management tool - yet. I've heard great things about Hootsuite, so I plan on looking into that one first.

I basically share on social media whenever I write a post, or see something I want to spread. If you post 500 times a day, your message gets a little watered down.

I blog for BiggerPockets and a few other sites. All sites are Wordpress sites, and WP allows you to simultaneously post to your site, tweet it to your followers, and share on facebook. 

I had a personal blog, and promoted it through the regular recommended ways, commenting on larger blogs in the same general field. Providing value seems to be the top method. If you read a post on another blog, then offer helpful comments instead of just saying something ridiculous like "Great Post!" the link to your site has a much better chance of getting clicked. If you also provide interesting posts on your site, people will come back and read you again.

#1 Facebook

#2 Twitter

#3 Pinterest

#4 Instagram

@Carrie Anderson  I know what I do is completely different than what most others on BP are doing business wise. I am however; interested in finding out what others do in their business, what methods they find useful, etc. Many times I post a question and ask because as a moderator I read posts from others wanting the information, so I post and ask a question where I can tag some members that I know have the answers. 

Right now I just have a website that acts as a showcase for our properties we have for sale, and has basic information for people. However; being a small independent real estate office it's important for me to get our listings out to where buyers and other agents will take notice, so I'm trying to plan the best way to do that without it being all consuming. Honestly, I get a pretty good response doing what I do, but I know it can be better. 

@Karen Margrave , I don't actually know what others on BP are doing with their SM, just trying to figure out the best help for you :-)

From what I'm "hearing", you're using SM to attract consumers and agents for your properties. If that's the case, and it were me, I would focus my SM time budget on Instagram, and maybe Twitter, focusing on producing top-quality images to post. 

Professional-quality videos of your properties are also a good bet for your market, especially ones that show 360-degree shots of the views and interiors. 

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