Podio webforms - no form validation?!?

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Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that Podio webforms have no form validation?  That's one of the most foundational things you learn in software development and I can't imagine having a form on my website that gives a user free reign over the values entered.

Has anyone else found a creative solution to this?

I agree that is a problem, but only really a slight problem.  You can create Category fields to help the person filling out the contact form give you the information you are looking for in the format you are looking for.  That won't work with all fields but things like garage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and such should work well.

Generally Address fields are some of the hardest to create validation for because there is such a variation between addresses.  Only sure fire on is State and Zip code.  But you could create a category field for State (make is a drop down).  

A better solution might be to use Gravity Forms with the Zapier plugin as your websites contact form.  Then use Zapier to auto import your leads into Podio.  This is how I do it and it has worked well.

Interesting point about using Gravity Forms and Zapier.  I found a wordpress plugin that allows you to have your contact form data sent directly to Podio, but it only works with Contact Form 7.  I'll try out the Zapier method.  Thanks!

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