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I have a logo that I have had for 15 years.  I would like to make it look as professional as possible.

Can anyone recommend a good Logo developer/software etc?

go to Zillion Designs.

If you want a professional logo please contact me at Aurelian Design.  I'm a freelancer, so reasonably priced, though not $50 like some student or off-shore designer might be.  I come up with a number of original concept sketches, and then carefully make the final version.  I make sure it works for web, print, and banner use.

If you use an automated logo generator website, your competitor may show up with the same logomark.  There's no guarantee of uniqueness.  And I have no idea how they can allow you to trademark such a logo.  You get what you pay for...

Originally posted by @Antonio Coleman :

@Terence Williams You can use this free logo maker that is easy to use and very powerful. I use this logo maker all the time when I'm creating more logos for all my different project. 

Thanks I will check it out.

Fiverr can be a good option but can also give you sub par results.

99designs and Upwork (formerly known as odesk) can be good options as well.

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