What's the Best Social Media Platform to Focus On?

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Let me start out by saying that I know that LinkedIn has the biggest business-focused platform. 

With that said, that doesn't necessarily mean that LinkedIn is the best platform to focus on considering our focuses right now with our business.

I recently spoke to a social media expert that told me that (considering my current workload) I should focus on one single social media platform to implement  a strategic social media strategy on.

Our company goals for this year are heavily reliant-upon us:

A. Finding motivated sellers of SFR properties, and

B. Getting more local potential private lenders to get into our funnel of coaching, etc., (via our email mailing list) with the end goal that some of them get added to our list of private lenders.

With that said, considering what our two focuses are (mentioned above), which of the major social media platforms do you think is best for us to focus on developing and building a solid footprint on as a company?

I really need to focus on just one; even though I'm familiar with them all.  As I age and mature (not to mention have kids) I'm getting more and more focused on FOCUSING.  

Thanks in advance for your help and insight.

I don't think social media is a good place to find motivated buyers or potential lenders. Maybe a few, but I think you're time and money could better be spent elsewhere. I think social media is more helpful with investor or lender or perhaps tenant relations. Basically, it's a good way to communicate with people you've already been connected with.

@Alvin Grier Have you seen the #askgaryvee show? I think you'll find a ton of answers that go in depth there. Also, I think a lot of social media experts really aren't practicing what they preach - he's a guy that does, so I trust him a lot more than the guru next door.

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