New To Buildium.. Any tips??

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Hello BP: I recently signed up and started setting up Buildium. So far, I am pretty impressed and happy with the product. I currently self manage 16 units and have brought on an assistant to help me with property management and my brokerage business. We've spent the past few days getting set up. I made my line in the sand date 1/1/2015 and have been back entering all the YTD data transactions. I can already tell that tax time next year be much easier. I wanted to ask BP to help me shorter the learning curb. Are there any tips or suggestions from more experienced Buildium users on items/suggestions with Buildium that has made their business more efficient?

It's a combination of a great product that was developed by software people (near as I can tell). I find it difficult to find the things I'm looking for when I need them And I waste lots of time with anything I do not do every month. I would suggest making a cheat sheet. I am used to quick books and other software programs that are intuitively obvious.

However that's the only complaint I have. It is great at managing the rentals and tenant payments, paying out owners, and keeping all the documents close at hand. I am glad I started using it.

As you are entering - keep checking your reports. 

There is nothing like my favorite account - Miscellaneous.

Ask them if they have a month end procedure. After you enter one month and reconcile your bank account, close the period.

You should be a pro in no time. 

Gita Faust

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