App to track inquires from/to prospective tenants?

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I have been finding it difficult to respond to and keep track of all the phone calls, emails, and texts I am getting from prospective tenants that are responding to my apartment advertisements.  The rental market in my area has picked up tremendously and I used to get just a few phone calls/emails a day but now I'm getting 25 or more per day. I don't have time to do phone interviews any longer and to schedule individual showings. I have been setting up open houses and struggling just to respond to all the inquiries with dates and times of the open houses.  I would like an app to record the names and phone numbers of calls/texts/emails that I am receiving, what apartment they are interested in, record that I have responded to them, and if they are confirming a showing or if they will be attending an open house. Does anything like that already exist? How do others track prospective tenant leads  and responses?

Thanks for the response. I think excel would work fine when I'm sitting at my computer but I have a hard time updating excel on the go. I'm taking calls while driving around and going about my day-to-day life. I was looking for a more mobile option. Thanks again.

try google sheets then , it has an app, can be used through your sell phone so you plug the number save it, and when you go back to your laptop the numbers is still there. i would say it is the exact thing as excel but only web based mobile friendly, you can download it and use it for free so really there is no money involved

I use this template. 

Thank you for your interest in our property. I hope to show it to you soon. To better understand if you qualify with VSM Real Estate rental requirements, I need to ask you a few questions...

1) What is your desired move in date?

2) What is the combined monthly income of any person(s) that will be living in the home (net?). We require that the household income exceeds 3x the monthly rent.

3) Do you know your credit score? We are looking for tenants with good credit but are open to many situations.

4) How many total occupants will there be living in the house? How many people 18 or older?

5) Any pets, how many and what type/breed, and size?

6) Do you or any future occupants have a felony, unlawful detainer or eviction on their record?

7) What are the best days/times for you to view the property?


Email Address:


We will be in contact soon

Thank you!

I ask that everyone responds through email. This way you can search through emails for specific address. Mark emails as unread to respond to later. And will be the best way to to keep yourself organized. 

Thank you Joe.  I ask similar questions when I do a phone interview with potential tenants but I haven't requested this information via email.  I think I will start. Thank for sharing this information.  

Hi @Karen Dayley , I came across this thread as I was searching for answers to a similar issue.  I recently started using a Google Forms.  I created a form of questions that I had been using which was similar to the template used by @Joe Schwartzbauer in this thread.  You can email it to anyone to fill out and you can track all of the responses.  Best of all, you can convert all of the responses into one Google Sheet for tracking purposes.  I'm interested to find out what you are using these days.